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The Day After Yesterday: Stange Weather and Global Warming

Wednesday was an interesting day for weather, ranging from tornadoes in the deep south, to freezing temperatures in Texas, and severe storms in British Columbia. There were also Tsunami warnings after an 8.5 earthquake off the shores of Japan, tropical storm Sergio became a hurrican off Mexico’s Pacific coast, and giant icebergs bigger than buildings drifting off the coast of New Zealand after traveling from Antarctica.

Although alone none of these seem so strange, the fact they all occured on the same day is. Watching the news last night I couldn’t help but to think of the movie The Day After Tomorrow as they showed report after report. Global warming was at the center of the Hollywood blockbuster disaster movie, and could the events be happening for real?

The wacky Wednesday weather came during a meeting in the Kenyan capital Nairobi to discuss the UN’s global warming reduction effort known as the Kyoto Protocol. Leaders from 189 countries are attending where the 1997 international treaty on climate change is the main focus. The Kyoto Protocol, requiring 35 industrialized countries to cut greenhouse gas emissions to 5% below 1990 levels by 2012, has been ratified by 165 countries already. The United States and Australia are the only two industrialized countries to reject it.

The main concerns of the Kyoto Protocol is a 1.4 to 5.8 degree Celsius rise in global temperature between 1990 and 2100 if nothing is done to prevent it. With this increase in temperature, the sea levels would raise because of melting polar ice caps. Combined, these events could lead to water shortages, population displacement, decreased food production, and extensive species extinction.

The catastrophe in The Day After Tomorrow was triggered by a temperature increase within the range the Kyoto Protocol mentions. So is the movie purely entertainment? Or is there an onimous reality to it?

After the weather events yesterday, the possibilities are a lot more realistic in something similar happening.

Are we in for a natural disaster like in The Day After Tomorrow if we don’t act now on Global Warming? What are your thoughts?

Numerous internet news sites were used to help gather information on the weather events that took place yesterday. Also, this News Hour Extra article was used for information on the metting on Global Warming in Nairobi.


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White House in Hot Water Over Global Warming

The Bush administration was sued Tuesday for failure to produced a report on impact of global warming originally due in 2004.

Bush and his administration keep finding themselves in hot water and this time global warming is responsible.  A group of Enviromentalist made up of the Center for Biological Diversity, Friends of the Earth and Greenpeace. They accused the administration of trying to suppress dissemination of the previous assessment, issued in 2000, which predicted a dramatic rise in catastrophic storms, floods, droughts and heat-related deaths.

It’ll be hard for the White House to blame anyone or anything other than themselves, even Global Warming.  With the report being two years late, excuses aren’t going to cut it.  Especially when experts from around the world meet in Nairobi for the two-week U.N. climate conference.  Can we all say ’embarrassing’?

I doubt the lawsuit will be won, but it’s always interesting to hear about the White House being sued. As the temperature rises, Bush may wish he had worried about Global Warming just a little more than he has.

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Immigrants New US Target

It appears immigrants are the newest target of both the US federal government and some American cities. In two very different news stories released over the last two days, the outlook for immigrants in the US, both legally or illegaly, doesn’t bode well.

On Monday, the Bush administration said immigrants arrested on suspicion of terrorism the US may be held indefinitely without the right to challenge their imprisonment in civilian courts. Then today the Associated Press released a story on a Texas city passing anti-immigration measures similar to the ones 50 other municipalities nationwide have considered, passed or rejected. And both of these share the headlines with a story about Bush leading the groundbreaking in Washington for a Martin Luther King memorial.

While I’m not condoning illegal immigration or condemning fighting terrorism on American soil, am I the only one who thinks there is something terribly wrong here? I have to side with those who worry that these laws will lead to sanctioned discrimination and racism. Both of which I thought America had mostly moved past long ago.

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Can Democrats keep their vow of Iraq withdrawal?

Having played a major role in the recent elections, Democrats in the Senate vowed on Sunday to press for troop reductions in Iraq within a matter of months. While this is no doubt welcome news to almost everyone, how realistic is such a statement? Is it a statement made to keep public support or will they do it, and, if so, can they actually deliver it?

The Democrats have already been blocked twice by the Republican-led Senate on amendments for troop reduction back in June. Sure, they now hold a Congressional majority, but is that enough for them to start bringing our troops home? In a perfect world, yes, it would, but we don’t live in a perfect world.

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Welcome to Tacendas!

Welcome to Tacendas!

Tacenda is a word meaning ‘those things that should not be mentioned ‘. In today’s world, everything needs to be mentioned.

Maybe at one time there were things like that, but not today. Open discussion of all things is necessary in todays world where knowledge and information is imperative for personal empowerment. And that is what the purpose of Tacendas is all about…bringing the things that should be known, no matter what they are, out for the world to discuss.


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